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Languages on the Woovoo Platform: English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Mongolian


Woovoo LLC is a web development firm based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Since 2013, we have designed and developed websites, mobile apps and web-based applications. Through both direct engagement and collaboration with our partners, we have delivered web and mobile solutions for a number of industry leaders.

Formerly known as Unlimited Idea LLC, we became Woovoo LLC following a structural change in April 2017. We have then introduced the world to our six-language Woovoo Digital Magazine, and continue to develop apps, web and design services through Woovoo Technology LLC.


Real Interactive

As if decedent dishes are dancing in your mouth, as if a sweet scent is sending your senses into over drive, our contents are executed to bring the reader the best experience possible.


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