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Languages on the Woovoo Platform: English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Mongolian


Have you decided to pack and embark on a journey abroad? Or do you wish to escape somewhere and recharge yourself, but you’re not sure where to travel? If you’ve settled on the destination, do you know what you must know about the city you’re traveling to? From the moment you touch down in the city, you may get overwhelmed by the countless flyers and maps. And how much time will you spend searching the endless web? But, hey, aren’t you there to “find peace” and enjoy yourself?

But you can relax and be assured there’s a quick fix. Just go to Woovoo. Simple as that.

We welcome you to Woovoo digital magazine, an intuitive application especially tailored to be easy to use with all the information you may need for your journey. Woovoo is available in six languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese and Mongolian.

Here you can learn about the cities, their stories of the past and present civilizations, the intellectual marvels, and witness the stunning creations of mother earth, the mountain ranges, and the waters and beyond.

With state-of-the-art tech solutions we take you on a thrilling journey to the cultures, customs, and not-to-miss events, to the places to stay and to indulge in savory cuisines. And every month you’ll be updated with the latest on upcoming events in the cities.


Woovoo is committed to bringing you quality and valuable content to ensure a convenient and pleasant journey for you. With a swipe of a finger Woovoo places the world on within palm.


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